Nevsky Ball 2017

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new exclusive project of the 1st International Festival “Nevsky Ball 2017”!

25-26 March in a brand new luxury hotel Hilton Saint-Petersburg will be unforgettable event in the cultural life of the Northern Capital – the Open international Dance Festival “Nevsky Ball 2017”.
Tournament for Amateurs will be held under the auspices of the RDU and NWDA and will have the status of an international Cup RS.
The brightest event of the festival will be the RDU championship among teams of regional offices and regional organizations in the category “Adults”-it will be an incredible fight and an unforgettable sight!
“Nevsky Ball 2017” in truth outdoor festival for dancers of all ages,from the youngest to the most adult dancers of any dance organizations,countries and continents!
The second day of the contest “Nevsky Ball 2017” held an open competition among couples Pro Am,where the dancers fall in international rating MASKT! The highlight of the open Pro Am tournament is themed “Old Hollywood” as most of the competition,and an unforgettable AfterParty! Everything from the design of the hall,clothing, presenters ,organizers and musicians will be designed in this trendy style.So, dear participants ProAm,cook stylised costumes and accessories for competition and Afterparty!
One of the main participants of this holiday will be a great Band Roses,which will appreciate its musical frame, accompanying beautiful dance duets both days in evening classes and will appear before you in a new light!!!
To assess the skill of the dancers invited the legends and stars of the world of ballroom dancing,ladies dance to all world people!
Festival “Nevsky Ball 2017″is the brand new,fresh project which as its organizers are looking forward to its launch!We have prepared for all guests and participants a lot of surprises,but let it remain a little mystery!

Presenter of the festival-the legendary Stanislav Popov,President of RDU,honorary Vice-President of the WDC,the honored worker of arts of Russia.
Dear participants and guests!We invite all spring in magnificent St. Petersburg!
See you on the dance floor!
Yours faithfully,team of organizers!

“Nevsky Ball 2017” is waiting for You!